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    Chongqing Savan Electromechanical Equipment Co.,LTD (CSEC) is specialized in businesses related with Medium, Small and Minimum Hydroelectricity Power Projects, Water Conservancy Projects  & related equipment supply, Electricity Transmission and Transformation Projects & related equipment supply.

    Based on technical team members with abundant professional knowledge, rich practices & experiences for more than 20 years in this specific industry, CSEC is focusing on special package solution design & supply of water turbine-generator sets and the auxiliaries according to the special working conditions of certain power station. With plenty of industrial resources, CSEC has strategic alliances with several professional hydropower survey & design institutes, turbine-generator and auxiliary equipments manufacturers, working for customized proposals to customers' projects worldwide on "C2C" basis, providing package solution, technical design and engineering supervision, E&M equipment supply, installation & commissioning services, etc.

    We are also providing package solutions to our new explored business of water conservancy projects and electric transmission & transformation projects by strategic cooperation with our manufacturing bases and engineering institutes. Among these equipment, the main products of pumps include medium and large size axial-flow pump & mixed-flow pump(full adjustable or semi-regulation), open series of centrifugal pump, mixed-flow pump, mobile pumping station and other industrial & municipal pumps. The main products related to transformers include, all types of transformers and related raw materials or accessories like silicon sheets, insulating part, vacuum breakers, electric parts, HV-LV switchgears, cables, etc.

    CSEC has supplied complete sets of hydro-generating equipment all over the world. Until today, Francis, Pelton, Kaplan, Tubular types of generating equipment supplied by CSEC are running successfully for years in those countries and regions including Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Russia, New Zealand, Turkey, etc. And we are now exploring such business in Central Asian countries, i.e Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, etc. CSEC has also invested a hydro power station in Ukraine and is running a Nepal branch company.

    Following the principles of integrity & credibility, quality & competitiveness, on-time & on-target service, CSEC is concentrating at building itself as the top-class package solution designer and supplier, taking the profits & benefits of the customers in the first priority, and striving forward the brilliant future together with all global partners of mutual-profitable and long-term cooperations.