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    The first edition of "Himalayan Hydro Expo" from CNC.

    Date:2018-1-8 17:34


    The first edition of "Himalayan Hydro Expo" has kicked off in Nepal's capital Kathmandu, unleashing the country's massive hydropower potential.
    Let's take a look.
    Organized by Independent Power Producers' Association Nepal, the three-day expo was inaugurated by Nepali President on Friday. 
    "If we could tap the potential of hydropower which is the major source of energy, our country would boost economic growth following industrialization and infrastructure development." 
    The expo comes at a time when the annual demand for energy is rising in Nepal.
    Although the country has abundant water resources, it has been able to generate just 956 Megawatts of electricity in the past 107 years.
    According to the organizers, the government is planning to reach its target of generating 17,000 Megawatts of energy within a decade. 
    The expo has provided a common platform for parties concerned to come together and join hands to boost hydropower development. 
    At least half a dozen Chinese hydropower developers and equipment supplier companies have participated in the expo. 
    SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): Alin Ren, Chongqing Savan Electromechanical Equipment Co.Ltd.
    "Our major work is for hydropower projects, equipment and mechanical supplies. We have a factory there and a joint venture company in Nepal. We know Nepali market and our project quality and price is very good."
    The expo runs until Sunday, expecting over 50,000 visitors. 

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