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    The difference between brushless motor and brush motor

    Date:2018-2-28 10:24

     The motor has brush and brushless parts, the brush motor is an internal commutation brush motor, brushless motor does not need the brush. 2 brush brush motor (copper brush or brush) is through the insulating seat is fixed on the motor cover directly to the power of positive and negative is introduced into the rotor phase converter, and phase converter connected to the rotor coil, 3 coil polarity continuous alternately formed transform and shell 2 force fixed and rotating magnet.

       As the name suggests is a brushless motor without any rotating brush! Contact his no-load resistance mainly from the rotor and the stator, so the brushless motor use ball bearings at both ends of the rotor to reduce the friction! So there will be no friction and large amounts of heat (actually will heat, just from the heat source on the coil resistance with a high loss), (80%-90%) the efficiency and high speed! Generally used in high power output model, provide a strong impetus to excellence!
       The difference between brush motor and brushless motor is whether there is a common brush commutator. The commutation of brush DC motor has been achieved by touching the graphite brush with the ring commutator installed on the rotor.
    The brushless motor will feedback the rotor position back to the control circuit through the Holzer sensor, so that it can learn the accurate time of motor phase commutation. Most of the motors produced by brushless motor manufacturers have three Holzer effect positioning sensors. Because brushless motor has no brush, it has no related interface, so it is cleaner, less noise, in fact, no maintenance, longer life.

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