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    Introduction of Tubular turbine

    Date:2018-4-9 17:37

    The Tubular type turbines are usually the best choices for exploitation of tidal power and hydraulic power with extremely low heads and extremely large flow rates. They have the advantages such as large discharge, high flow speed, high efficiency and less excavation, etc. Their variations have Bulb, Pit, Siphon and S types according to their structural types.


    The water diversion parts, runner and water drainage parts of Tubular turbine are on one axial line. The water flow directly and straightly through the runner without spiral casing. The water flow is axial from the pipe inlet to the draft tube outlet. 


    Tubular turbine generally has two categories: fully tubular and half tubular. The half Tubular turbine is divided into bulb, pit and shaft extension types, etc.


    The generator’s rotor of the full tubular type unit is on the outer circle of turbine’s runner, whose application is less because of its difficult sealing.


    For half Tubular turbine, the generator is separate from the hydro turbine:

    Tubular type: Generator set is installed inside the airtight bulb body, which has a compact structure, straight passage shape, high hydraulic efficiency and so it is widely used.

    Shaft extension type tubular unit: The generator is installed outside, the main shaft of turbine extends to the outside of the draft tube.

    Pit type tubular unit: The generator is installed inside a pit.


    Application scope of heads: 2m~25m

    Runner diameters: 1.0m ~ 7.2m

    Installable capacity: 200KW ~ 200000KW


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